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Easter Retreat 2023


Celebrate the Miracle of Easter with the Seven Mighty Elohim and Unlock Your Divine Potential
Welcome to the Easter Retreat with the Seven Mighty Elohim
We will gather to connect with the teachings of the Ascended Masters and delve deeply into a spiritual practice. Guided by the wisdom of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a renowned spiritual leader and teacher, we will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing during this sacred time of year.

Together, we will explore the powerful energies of the Seven Mighty Elohim, the divine beings who represent the seven rays of God's consciousness. Through a series of presentations, meditations, and sacred rituals, we will learn how to invoke their assistance, receive empowerment and bring their qualities into our lives.

Whether you are a seasoned spiritual seeker or new to the path, the Easter Retreat with the Seven Mighty Elohim offers a unique opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals and tap into the limitless potential of your own I AM Presence. Join us for this unforgettable experience and discover the profound healing and transformation that awaits you.
Meet the Seven Mighty Elohim
Overcome Life's Greatest Challenges with Their Divine Assistance
& Amazonia
Elohim of Power
First Ray
& Lumina
Elohim of Wisdom
Second Ray
& Amora
Elohim of Love
Third Ray
& Astrea
Elohim of Perfection
Fourth Ray
& Virginia
Elohim of Truth
Fifth Ray
& Aloha
Elohim of Peace
Sixth Ray
& Victoria
Elohim of Alchemy
Seventh Ray
To the student of the Ascended Masters searching for the ‘next level’ of self-mastery: 
The Ascended Master Essentials Program is an immersive seminar that will bring you powerful tools to address life’s challenges, deep insights about your own God reality, and an acceleration in higher consciousness.

The seminar includes interactive workshops, powerful messages from the ascended masters called dictations and special rituals for soul purification and wholeness.

These Essentials seminars happen at the turning of the seasons and bring an activity of Spiritual Light to help you through the next three-month cycle.
An Opportunity for Your Soul to Accelerate Spiritual Evolution
“The soul evolves through the cycles of the seasons, each cycle a turn in an ascending spiral. That’s why the Ascended Masters directed Mark Prophet to hold four quarterly conferences annually, one at the turn of each season.

“The conferences are an opportunity for the soul to step up her spiritual evolution through direct contact with the Ascended Masters and her I AM Presence.

“This step-up is facilitated by the soul’s Holy Christ Self and the Messenger’s pivotal contact with the students as well as with the hierarchy of light.

“The release of light through the Ascended Masters’ dictations and the students’ dynamic decrees gives the world a spiritual spin and accelerates the evolution of every soul on earth.
“If you make contact not only with the Mind of God and the Spirit of God but also with your own point of soul awareness and you maintain that contact between conferences, your soul may one day, when she has gained a certain God-mastery, enjoy an unbroken communion with God.

“Once she has accomplished this, her Holy Christ Self will extend to her his right hand and assist her in rising over a spiritual coil of light from the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the solar plexus to the heart chakra, thence to her original and lawful abode in the secret chamber of the heart.

“Ultimately this coil will become the ascension coil over which your soul rises to enter into her permanent union with God.”

–Vol. 38 No. 29 – Elizabeth Clare Prophet – July 2, 1995
What Participants Say About their Experience
Be prepared for an intensive course when information and energy are filling up your mental and etheric bodies helping you reconcile, surrender and purify. Only here at the Inner Retreat at the feet of the Masters you can get such a momentum of power that enables you to upsurge the vibrations of your four lower bodies and raise the consciousness.
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Well, what I really love from the Ascended Masters Essentials Events is the possibility to connect with so many souls that are trying to get a better relationship with their inner self and the most important, with God. People from different cultures and countries sharing with you their hearts creating this wonderful atmosphere.
We have also the opportunity to experience many presentations guided by experts that explain different teachings of the Ascended Masters. There's always something new to learn from our beloved Masters!
I don't live in America, so I really appreciate that I have the opportunity to re-watch the events, because they're recorded.
At the end of the New Year’s Conference, I loved that Carla asked us to turn on our was so beautiful to see the smiles and love on the faces of the other participants... At that precise moment, I felt that we became a great family.
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The Ascended Masters Essentials events have become integral to my being. I always get misty-eyed at the good-byes on the final day because I have felt such love radiating from the Masters and the Teachings. I also feel a deep sense of community and spiritual affirmation from the presenters and all of their dedication. What I most look forward to are the dictations. Recently, I was listening to a dictation during one of the Essentials classes and I decided to listen while brushing my daughter’s hair. She is 13 and immediately commented on the calmness of Guru Ma’s (Elizabeth Clare Prophet) voice and said that she felt very peaceful after it was over!!! This brought so much joy to my spirit and I think it is a testament to the light that is emanating from our Messenger and the Masters. Each season when it is time for an Essentials event I am thrilled and eager to attend and without a doubt feel expanded and walk away with even greater knowledge of the Teachings.
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I have studied many spiritual traditions and attended many seminars and by far the most powerful and transformative are the Essentials of the Teachings by the Summit Lighthouse.
The experience is so powerful that I make it a priority to attend the virtual Essentials seminar each quarter.
Whether you're brand new to spirituality or an advanced spiritualist, attending in-person or virtually, the Essentials of the Teachings is something that must be experienced. It's truly unique and life changing.
Take the first step and experience this profound experience for yourself!
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Enlightening Dictations from
the Ascended Masters
The profound spiritual experience of an ascended master dictation is unforgettable. The Messengers received intensive training from the ascended masters that allows them to deliver these timeless messages directly to their students. The ascended masters convey a transfusion of light and energy to your spiritual chakras or centers. Each person has a unique experience with each Master. Your heart will feel the presence of great spiritual light.
Easter Dictation by Jesus Christ.
Insightful Presentations
Enjoy insightful workshops created with you in mind. Our presenters bring their deep understanding of the ascended master teachings to you each day. These events allow you to explore the rich relevance, transcendent teachings, and unique spiritual gifts that the ascended masters offer students today.
Darshan with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Darshan is the time for a direct encounter with the teacher and the master. These encounters reveal a new vision of the Teaching. We are empowered and take away a new level of spiritual awareness. Each encounter leaves us at a higher level, with a special essence internalized.
In this class we delve into the teachings of the Seven Mighty Elohim, Jesus the Christ, and the Ascended Lady Masters Kwan Yin and Nada. We will connect with them at a deeper level with Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s profound insights and spiritual guidance.
The Science
of the Spoken Word®
Learn more about ascended master’s spiritual dispensation for the Science of the Spoken Word. Like the lost Art of Invocation from the ancient golden ages, spiritual students can now connect to their Higher Self, the Brotherhood of ascended masters and release the power of the fohat through decrees and mantras. The physical word charges the physical world with light. Miraculous change is possible.
The Ritual
of Soul Retrieval
Led by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Magnetize soul fragments back to you and resolve personal problems through forgiveness and divine love. (on video).
Only Available Live
Now turn around, beloved, and look at the millions behind you who did not come through the dispensation of my Piscean service. You must rise to the place of oneness with my heart that we might save them.
You cannot save them alone; you need the mantle of the Saviour with you. And since you have not attained to the grace of the full mantle of Christhood in your own Christ Self, I am offering you the mantle of my own Christhood and that of my Electronic Presence as well, for the saving of the people of the world.

–Jesus Christ
Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 36 no. 26, June 27, 1993
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The Essentials of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters Live Program & Replays
Attend in Person
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Email us to register before April 5th so your name tag is ready for pick up when you arrive!

• Call 1-800-245-5445 or +1 406-848-9500 (local MT and international); (español) +1 406-848-9501.

Attend Online
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Live Five-Day Event on Zoom
Includes Live Broadcast & Replays
Access to Essentials Membership Library
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Five-day Immersion
The Essentials of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters Live Program & Replays

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Do you have any questions?
What will you learn in the Ascended Masters Essentials?
You'll learn powerful tools to address life’s challenges, deep insights about your own spiritual reality, and an acceleration in higher consciousness. These four special days are an opportunity to absorb the tremendous teachings given by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet and learn a new way of communing with God and the Presence of light that is a part of each one of us.
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Don't think you'll have time to watch all the content in the Essentials live event?
We've got you covered. While you can join us on Zoom for the live event; A Live broadcast and replays will be available to you in your library as we move forward with the event program. These replay videos can be accessed anytime.
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Can I cancel and get a refund if I’m not satisfied?
We want you to be nothing less than overjoyed with your experience. If you think you can no longer attend the event or are not happy with our services, let us know, via contacting
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